M a c è

pinot grigio

Orange Wine obtained from a slow maceration which favored the extraction of a delicate but definite aroma and scents.
work in the vineyard

Pinot Grigio Macè

Pinot Grigio
Bright orange
spicy notes, orange peel
ripe apricot, rhubarb, savory
14 – 16 °C
fish crudités, meat or fish tartare, cheeses

P i n o t G r i g i o M a c è

In the heart of out vineyards stands a little chapel built in 1947 from which our name and logo were inspired. There are many stories that this place has to tell, but it would take more than the space on this page to do, so if you are curious came and visit us!



From the very beginning we have believed in sustainable agriculture,

which has led us to organic certification.

Therefore there are many actions that we put into practice every day to protect the environment that we work with care and passion, where the prevailing colors are green and blue.